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Latest CHWG News

We are excited to announce that our CHWG Podcasts are now available on:

Google Play Music

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Google Play Music

Our complete Podcast library is also on this website and located on these sites:

YouTube as an Audio podcast

iTunes (if you have it installed)

Stitcher (Podcasting station and app)

Tuned In (podcast website and app)

In other announcements, soon we will provide more details soon regarding these Coffee House Writers Group projects!

Blind Date with a Book Project

Critique Group Leadership Training

CHWG Author Book Project

CHWG W.R.I.T.E.S. Project

CHWG Membership Project

CHWG Anthology Books

Our 3rd CHWG Anthology will be released soon!


Thank you to all writers who submitted stories for our 3rd CHWG Anthology!

Our 2nd CHWG Anthology

beggarscrossing-imageBeggar’s Crossing was edited by Bill Wilbur, and is available for sale on Amazon and Amazon Smile

CHWG Podcasts by J Bryan Jones

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Podcast Host – J Bryan Jones

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