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03 Beggars Crossing with CHWG Anthology Editor Bill Wilbur

Published on May 19, 2016 under Podcasts

CHWG published a book of short stories called BEGGAR’S CROSSING. Each story began with a prompt that sets it in a desert town of the same name when a visitor is greeted by a mysterious old man. In the book, you’ll find 14 stories by members of the Coffee House Writers Group community. You can buy one now and help support our non-profit! Find it on Amazon today.

Bill Wilbur is the editor of the Beggar’s Crossing Anthology. In this podcast you’ll hear J & Bill have a conversation about motivation in writing and what led Bill to take on this project and difficulties of getting it made.

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02 CHWG Vice President Eric von Mizener

Published on May 5, 2016 under Podcasts

Organization Vice President Eric von Mizener sold his first screenplay as a teen to NBC’s the Incredible Hulk, Executive Directed the Cayman Islands Film Festival, and now leads the Screenwriting Meetup in Long Beach. He has awesome insight into the world of writing. Listen to his conversation with host J Bryan Jones now.

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